ESC's Story

Turning literary fiction into stylish merchandise.

In 2020, I launched Enlightened Soul Co. (ESC) with a focus on spreading positivity through angel-themed products. However, as time unfolded, my personal journey took an unexpected turn as I reignited my passion for reading, shifting my company's direction entirely. 

This newfound passion sparked the idea for ESC to transition into a platform for bookish merchandise.

In 2021, ESC released its first book hoodie with one clear goal in mind: to proudly display cherished and relatable book quotes on the back. It marked the start of ESC's Journey.

ESC's mission is simple: to offer high-quality merchandise that allows fellow book lovers to express their passion tangibly.

ESC's pieces are designed to seamlessly fit into your bookish lifestyle, whether it's cozy reading nights, book club gatherings, beach days with a book, or browsing at local bookshops. Show off your love for reading with ESC.